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Sunday, 19 March 2017

2017 Griha Pravesh Dates

"Griha/Graha Pravesh" is one of the significant Hindu rituals in India. It is performed during the occasion of the first entry of a person into a lately built home. The ritual is done to drive away any ill property of planets or any evil force.Here the list of Griha Pravesh dates in 2017
Date Day Start Timing End Timing
01st February Wednesday 06:38 AM 26:20 AM
06th February Monday 06:37 AM 30:37 AM
13th February Monday 08:59 AM 28:56 AM
15th February Wednesday 11:32 AM 30:34 AM
01st March Wednesday 06:28 AM 15:17 PM
04th March Saturday 22:29 AM 30:07 AM
13th March Monday 06:21 AM 18:42 AM
15th March Wednesday 06:19 AM 22:11 AM
22nd March Wednesday 14:07 AM 30:14 AM
23rd March Thursday 06:14 AM 15:47 PM
28th April Friday 13:39 PM 29:52 AM
06th May Saturday 06:09 PM 20:30 AM
08th May Monday 09:44 AM 23:16 AM
11th May Thursday 17:19 AM 29:47 AM
12th May Friday 05:47 AM 20:13 AM
22nd May Monday 05:45 AM 14:43 PM
26th May Friday 21:18 AM 29:45 PM
27th May Saturday 05:45 AM 18:08 AM
03rd June Saturday 06:51 AM 13:27 AM
12th June Monday 10:51 AM 25:18 AM
19th June Monday 05:47 AM 17:27 AM
13th November Monday 11:51 AM 30:10 AM
23rd November Thursday 07:00 AM 29:34 PM

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