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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Saraswati Puja 2017 Date and Time -When is Saraswati Puja in 2017

Goddess Saraswati is represented as a stylish woman in white, a character of purity and peace. She is the Goddess who signifies knowledge, learning, arts and culture. She is seen as the peaceful Goddess trying a crescent moon on her brow riding a swan or seated on a lotus flower. Saraswati Puja is performed to pay faithfulness to the Goddess of learning.
In the Vedas, Goddess Saraswati is referred as the water divinity and is respected for her purifying and inspiring powers. The Goddess of information and learning is said to have invented Sanskrit, the language of the Brahmins, of scriptures and scholars. Saraswati Puja in 2017 is on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

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