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Thursday, 10 August 2017

2019 Ayudha Puja, Shastra Puja 2019 Date & Time in India

2019 Ayudha Puja, Shastra Puja 2019 Date & Time in India

Ayudha Puja is an integral part of the Navratri festival, a Hindu festival which is traditionally celebrated in India. It is also called "Astra Puja", the synonym for Ayudha Puja. In simple terms, it means “Worship of Implements”. It is celebrated in Karnataka as Ayudha Puja in Andhra Pradesh as Aayudha Pooja in Kerala as Ayudha Puja "Astra Puja" or "Ayudha Puja" in Orissa, and in Tamil Nadu as Ayudha Puja. The festival falls on the ninth day or Navami of the bright half of Moon's cycle of 15 days (as per Almanac) in the month of September/October, and is popularly a part of the Dasara or Navaratri or Durga Puja or Golu festival. On the ninth day of the Dasara festival, weapons and tools are worshipped. In Karnataka, the celebration is for the killing of the demon king Mahishasura by Goddess Chamundeshwari. After the slaying of the demon king, the weapons were kept out for worship. While Navaratri festival is observed all over the country but in South Indian states, where it is widely celebrated as Ayudha Puja, there are slight variations of worship procedure.source :

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when is Ayudha Puja 2019

7 October 2019 Monday

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