2020 Aadi Pooram ,Andal Jayanti 2020, Aadi Month

Aadi Pooram is a major Hindu festival celebrated in every Shaivite & Vaishnavite temples. Considered as Goddess Andal's Birthday, it falls on the Aadi month, and on the Pooram star. In the shiva temples, this day is celebrated as the Valaikappu festival for Parvathi, when glass bangles are accessible to Parvathi & then dispersed to the devotees. These bangles are said to give offspring’s and usually protect us from all evils. (Valaikaappu is a festival when a pregnant woman wears glass bangles, the sound of which is said to protect her and the child from evil forces). Everyone, especially pregnant women and recently married, are confident to come to the temple with bangles.

Aadi Pooram 2020 is on Friday, 24th of July

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