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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bhishma Ashtami 2019, Bhishma Ashtami Festival Date

2019 Bhishma Ashtami Festival Dates

Bhishma Ashtami (Bhishmashtami) is a Hindu festival devoted to Bhishma of the big Indian epic Mahabharata. It is thought that Bhishma, also known as 'Ganga Putr Bhism' or 'Bhishma Pitamaha', dead from his soul on this special day. This occurred through the favorable 'Uttarayan period'; that is, the daytime of devas. Bhishma Ashtami is observed during the month of Magha in the Hindu Vedic calendar. It corresponds to the months of January-February.Source:

2018 Bhishma Ashtami Wallpaper Download

2019 Bhishma Ashtami festival dates

Wednesday, 13th of February

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